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How the pandemic changed my mind

I always thought of myself as needing to be around people. That I needed to be busy in order to feel accomplished. If i was running from here to there, then I was getting things done. Wow, was I wrong!! I feel like I am busier now that I permanently work from home and trying to find that balance of work like and home life really became a challenge in itself. I couldn’t get away from the office, since my office was now in my home. I had to find ways to connect virtually with the team, and feel like I was present. Let me tell you, that was exhausting. And lets not forget about the kids. They were always here, due to a year of online learning. Its not so much that my mind changed, but my thinking did. I liked being home. I was in so many ways, my own boss, even though I had superiors to report too. I made the schedule with the kids work and I found that I enjoyed my own company. I didn’t need to be “busy” to feel accomplished. Quality time became everything. I found ways to walk away from my work space and appreciate the time I had to get my stuff done. The elimination of my drive time was used for my down time. Dinners were not rushed, time was mine, everything was simpler and more enjoyable. Although at times, it was difficult because I missed the daily interaction, i found different ways to stay in touch. I learned so much about myself and I re learned how to be a mom that was present. The pandemic gave me time, which to me is simply priceless. As difficult as the last couple of years have been for so many, for me, it changed me in ways that I would of never experienced had I stayed in the busy mode I was living in.


Published by presentlysunny

I am a proud mother of six children and one beautiful grand daughter. My love of writing started at a very young age. I hope to inspire and send a positive message thru my writings.

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